Cyber Cure was made to make it easy to use it

Cyber Cure provides several types of indicator lists that allows security teams and analysts to use in order to investigate incidents as well as in order to block attacks before they pass the gateways of the networks. Users can implement the actionable cyber intelligence provided by Cyber Cure in IDS systems or SIEMS to identify malware and incidents more easily. Cyber Cure does not come to replace any of the existing measures or providers, Cyber Cure aims to give additional intelligence and saving organizations the costs involved in running, maintaining and analyzing information gathered from actual attacks over the internet.

The free API feed is available 24x7 to retrieve, please check the docuementation at: to more details about how to use it and what are the available features. Cyber Cure product is meant for security professionals and home users, if you want to learn more please check out the resources page with relevant resources. indicators provides several indicators of compromise to users using the SDK/API. Here is a summary of the indicators that can be stopped and description of them. Cybercure is a free network for cyber security feeds aimed for home and SMB users.